National Tea Day – 2017

Here at Praana Herbal Tea Company, we’re never one to miss an opportunity when it comes to going out and meeting with the lovely tea drinkers across the UK. So with this in mind, when we took a call from the very nice people responsible for organising the 2017 National Tea Day. We jumped at the chance of being involved and exhibiting our Praana Herbal Tea range.

The event was to be held at the Kensington Rooftop Gardens on Friday 21st April (National Tea Day) and had quite a number of other tea companies already booked in advance. Along with Queen Victoria (I don’t think it was really her somehow, maybe it was an actress?), a masterful demonstration of her cookery skills from Mich Turner MBE and bunch of other activities all associated with tea. So you can imagine the excitement we felt, on the day.

Upon arrival at the event, we were immediate taken by how beautiful the setting was. This isn’t the common or garden (pardon the pun) London rooftop location, it was beyond words and indeed very beautiful. So after a few moments of taking in the views and the obligatory salutations to those also attending the event. We set up shop and put our delicious range of Praana on show to the public.

During the event I met with a wonderful lady who explained that her friend had never contemplated drinking herbal tea and that no amount of cajoling, would ever make her try it. A few minutes later and the lady we had spoken about tentatively appeared at our stand, immediately stating that she didn’t like herbal tea and that she would never try or buy any.

Well that sounded like a challenge to our friendly staff at the Praana stall and after a couple of minutes of chatting to her on how Praana Herbal Tea was made and the health benefits it offered. She took her first mouthful of herbal tea from a very small sample cup and with eyes wide open said - “I really like that, can I try another flavour?”

Within minutes we had another herbal tea convert and a very happy customer. Last seen clutching three boxes of Praana that she had just purchased.

Next month sees our Praana Herbal Tea stand move to Manchester and the ‘Mind Body Soul’ event at EventCity on the 19th – 21st of May. Tickets are still available online, so do pop over and have a chat, plus a complimentary cup of Praana Herbal Tea.

We’d love to see you, especially if you don’t currently like Herbal Tea – We love a challenge!Span gardens 2.1 Span gardens 1.1 Praana stand 1.1

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